Conditions that need to be met when choosing a cross shaft universal joint

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When installing the universal joint cross, the angular velocity of the driving and slave ends is different, and the difference between the driving and the slave shafts keeps synchronous rotation, and the different walking changes with the angle. When installing the cross-shaft universal joint, it is necessary to check the product inspection certificate such as the product qualification certificate, and pay attention to the authenticity of the verification certificate.

To ensure that the constant angular velocity of the rotary motion and the synchronous rotation between the main and slave shafts are maintained, a cross shaft universal joint or two single cross universal joints should be used in combination and meet the following three conditions.

1. The symmetry planes of the plugs at both ends of the intermediate shaft are in the same plane

2. The angle between the intermediate shaft and the driven shaft is equal

3. The intermediate 3102-2201025 Russian universal joint cross is in the same plane as the main and slave Dongzhou axis.


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