The magical use of countersunk magnet in life

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Countersunk Magnet, also called counterbore magnet, countersunk powerful magnet. The size of the countersunk magnet is generally large D to indicate the diameter, d1 the countersunk diameter, d2 the inner diameter of the straight hole, and H the thickness.

Speaking of this kind of magnet, it feels very strange, but in fact, this kind of magnet often appears in our daily life. There are some big screws on the children’s toys at home, especially those on robots. Although I think it should be easy to unscrew them, but after practicing it, I found that it is especially difficult to handle. It seems that there is something in it. Like attracting, this is a special type of round countersunk magnet: screw-hole magnet.

Common countersunk magnets include round countersunk magnets, square countersunk magnets, and tile magnets.

The square countersunk magnet has the magical function of countersunk, because it is not used alone, and there are other components that are matched. For combination or fixation, countersunk is needed, and it is used with screws.

countersunk magnets are more upgraded and optimized on the basis of ordinary magnets. Using the unique characteristics of his shape to provide more help for people. These are more convenient experiences that people get through research and development.

The advantage of the square countersunk magnet shape is that the small hole in the middle of it can provide a lot of help when people perform fixing work. This is the unique charm of the square countersunk magnet. The reason why people use it so widely is because of its advantages in this category, which are the advantages of square countersunk magnets.

The processing of square countersunk magnets is relatively complicated, and the price is slightly higher than Magnetic Steel, depending on the size, performance, and temperature resistance.


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