Five Development Directions Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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     Recently, the domestic X-ray Orientation Analyzer technology and X-ray orientation analysis equipment have developed rapidly, and they have spread across all walks of life. There are five main trends in their development trends:

     First, the basic theoretical research of X-ray orientation analyzer technology: new test theory and method research, artificial intelligence theory research, frequency base traceability and standard acquisition method research, new measurement and control bus and system structure research, measurement and instrument standard research And formulation are the focus of future theoretical research.

     Second, the development of X-ray orientation analyzer technology: the currently developing technologies include advanced measurement and control bus technology, new digital signal processing technology, comprehensive testing and fault diagnosis technology, optical frequency standard and precise time-frequency test technology.

     The third and second class of important X-ray orientation analysis instruments: An important development direction of vector network analyzers is to build automatic measurement technology and automatic test systems with the core of vector network analyzers. In addition, vector network analyzers have gone beyond the traditional linearity The application field of networks plays an important role in the testing and analysis of non-linear, high-power networks. The modulation domain analysis instrument is the only technology that can accurately measure the sloshing in communication transmission over time, especially in the field of military electronics testing.

     Fourth, the development of modern production technology for X-ray orientation analysis instruments: The design and production level of instrument products is an important indicator of a country's scientific and technological industrial foundation and industrial capabilities, which run through the entire process and life cycle of the product. In the future, in the research of instrument production technology, we must pay attention to solving the problem of product design and process supervision mode, research new instrument components, and develop high-precision and high-quality instrument components, parts and quality inspection equipment for the whole machine. , Research on virtual test verification and engineering verification technology, research on advanced production processes and processes, research on new assessment methods for stability, reliability, maintainability and testability, and standardized certification system for products.

      Fifth, the comprehensive test system of X-ray orientation analysis instrument: The comprehensive test should focus on the research of system optimization of the comprehensive test system, the research of the uniformity and integrity of the measurement and control system, the research of sensor information processing and multi-sensor data fusion technology , Research on distributed network interconnection, triggering, synchronization and other technical tests on large-scale field tests, as well as technical research on reconfigurable measurement and control systems based on synthetic instruments and systems.


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