Precautions For Cuprous Chloride Application

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Cuprous Chloride is a chemical. Therefore, there are many matters needing attention in the process of production and use. Everyone must pay more attention to it. Next I want to talk with you about the scope of application of cuprous chloride, in fact, the scope of use of this chemical is still relatively wide.

1. Cuprous chloride is a widely used catalyst in the organic synthesis industry. Under its catalysis, it can produce various organic chemical products, such as vinyl acetylene, monochloroprene, acrylonitrile, etc. Catalysts compatible with dimethylamine can be equipped with a catalyst for diphenyl ether polymerization. In the petrochemical industry, cuprous chloride is often used as a decolorant, desulfurizer and mold release agent. Cuprous chloride is used as a catalyst and reducing agent in the petrochemical industry. You are famous for the former.

2. In the dye industry, cuprous chloride is used as an effective gas absorbent, especially for the production of phthalocyanine blue, activated emerald green, phthalocyanine green and aniline dyes (pigments), which mainly absorb oxygen and Carbon monoxide gas. This usage is more specific.

3. In addition to the above applications, in many industries such as metallurgical industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical chemical industry, pesticide engineering, battery industry, rubber industry, etc., the application of cuprous chloride is also very deep. Practical (high activity) It is also an effective catalyst for the production of methylchlorosilane mixed monomers (mainly dimethyldichlorosilane) in the silicone industry. The market demand for Jiangsu cuprous chloride catalyst will be quite large, and the market demand for cuprous chloride is also expanding in recent years.

The above is a related introduction about the scope of application of cuprous chloride. If you encounter any problems during the use, you can contact us and our staff will help you.


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