Toongda X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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1) X-ray Orientation Analyzer inspection is suitable for inspecting ferromagnetic materials. The appearance and near-outside dimensions of the workpiece are small, the gaps are narrow (for example, 0.1mm long and micron wide can be inspected), and shortcomings are difficult to see visually. 2) It is suitable for checking the data of martensitic stainless steel and deposition hardening stainless steel, but it is not suitable for checking the data of austenitic stainless steel (such as 1Cr18Ni9) and the welding seam welded with austenitic stainless steel electrode. It is also not suitable for checking the copper, aluminum, Non-magnetic materials such as magnesium and titanium alloys. 3) Suitable for inspection of steel pipes, bars, plates, profiles, forged steel, cast steel and welded parts. 4) It is applicable to the inspection of original materials (such as billets) and semi-finished products, finished products and in-service and used workpieces. 5) Applicable to the flaws of the workpiece, such as cracks, white spots, hair lines, folds, looseness, cold insulation, pores, and impurities, but not suitable for inspecting the shallow and wide scratches and pinholes of the workpiece. ? The internal defects of deep burial and the shortcomings of the angle of 20 ° between the extension direction and the direction of the magnetic field lines.


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