Treatment After Din 603 Bolt Inspection

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 There are two types of DIN 603 bolt surface inspections. One is the inspection after the DIN 603 bolts have been plated. That is to say, after the DIN 603 bolts are hardened, the DIN 603 bolts are surface treated. The other is the inspection before the DIN 603 bolts are produced without plating. After the DIN 603 bolts are produced and not plated, we inspect the dimensions, tolerances and other aspects of the DIN 603 bolts. See if it meets national standards or customer requirements. After the surface treatment of DIN 603 bolts, our plated DIN 603 bolts are inspected. The main inspection is to check the color of the plating and whether there are any bad DIN 603 bolts. In this way, when we send DIN 603 bolts to customers, the customers can pass the customs smoothly. Inspection after DIN 603 bolt processing:

  I. Appearance quality requirements

DIN 603 bolts are inspected from the aspects of appearance, plating, etc.

  Second, DIN 603 bolt coating strength test

There are many methods to evaluate the adhesion between the coating and the base metal, and there are usually the following.

1. Friction polishing test; 2. File method test; 3. Scratch method; 4. Bending test; 5. Thermal shock test; 6. Extrusion method.


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