Introduction To The Work Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

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When performing X-ray inspection on the object to be inspected, the product to be inspected needs to be placed on the stage first, and then the device is turned on by the X start button in the computer display. Then the X-ray Orientation Analyzer The Hamamatsu ray source will send out rays after receiving the command to turn on the device. After the rays penetrate the object to be detected, part of the light will fall on the detector, thereby forming different light and shadow.

The results of X-RAY detection are very different

It should be noted here that due to the difference of the detected object, the absorption of light by the atomic arrangement of the object will be different. When X-rays penetrate the detected object, some of the light will be absorbed, and the remaining After being penetrated, the light will fall on the FPD flat panel detector.

After the above operations, the detector will transmit the signal to the industrial control system and convert the corresponding data into a displayable image. Therefore, the technician can understand the detected object more clearly and intuitively through the computer monitor There are defects in the internal structure, and corresponding measures are taken accordingly. It is not difficult to see that the importance of X-ray orientation analyzer ray detection cannot be replaced by other equipment.


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