Cause Analysis Of Din 603 Bolt Failure

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Under normal circumstances, no matter what kind of bolt, there will always be minor problems during use. This requires us to understand the cause of the failure, so as to effectively extend the service life of DIN 603 bolts.

? When assembling, it is likely to cause uneven force due to the excessive torque when tightening. Many people think that the tighter the DIN 603 bolt is, the better the tightening, so it will use a lot of force. In fact, otherwise, if you exceed the torque of the nylon DIN 603 bolt, it will deform because it exceeds the limit of the DIN 603 bolt. It is broken, so we must pay attention to the degree of slack when using it. Do not overtighten the DIN 603 bolts so that they cannot be used normally.

? When using DIN 603 bolts in machinery such as diesel engines, be careful not to replace the connecting rod for maintenance. Some friends like to use a connecting rod casually. In fact, this is not very good, because messing up and disassembling the connecting rod cover will cause the connecting surface of the connecting rod to close together, which will cause the DIN 603 bolts of the engine to become loose or the connecting rod to break. ;

? The third point is to pay attention to the impact of flying faults on the connecting rod DIN 603 bolts. If this problem occurs, it is best to replace the cylinder and the cylinder piston assembly; In addition, we also need to pay attention to the materials of nylon DIN 603 bolts, metal rod DIN 603 bolts, etc. Problems, heat treatment processes and processing defects.


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