How to adjust the pressure value of airless paint sprayer?

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The suitable pressure regulating number of airless paint sprayer pressure is:

1. The high-pressure airless paint sprayer uses a high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the coating to 3000PSI(210kg/cm). The obtained high-pressure coating is delivered to the spray gun through a high-pressure hose, and the pressure is released through the nozzle to form atomization, thus forming a dense coating on the wall surface.

2. Air-assisted airless spraying, mixing compressed air at the atomizing point of the coating, further refining the coating to atomize the coating in compressed air (0.2-0.5 MPa).

3. The paint film formed by spraying onto the surface of the object to be sprayed is pressurized (about 21 MPa) by a pump, sprayed and atomized from a nozzle, and sprayed onto the surface of the object to form the paint film.

4. Pressurize the paint with a pump (about 21 MPa), spray and atomize it from the nozzle, and spray it onto the surface of the object to form a paint film.

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