What should I do when the power of the air compressor is not enough?

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There are some different problems when the automatic spray gun of water paint is connected with the spray paint pump. How to solve the problem of abnormal operation of the automatic spray gun?

1.The automatic spray gun sometimes produces oil and sometimes does not produce oil

If the air pressure is not enough, the size of the air pipe should be increased or the pressure of the air inlet of the spray gun switch should be increased if the pipeline is not selected correctly. It is better to use the pressure regulating valve to regulate and control.

2.The automatic spray gun atomizes large particles.

If the atomization pressure is not enough, choose a large diameter air pipe or increase the pressure of the air pressure.

3.Automatic spray gun can only open one or more of the spray guns when multiple spray guns are operating at the same time, not all of them can work normally.

If the power of the air compressor is not enough or the volume of the air storage tank is not enough, increase the power of the air compressor or use a larger volume of air storage tank. It is also possible that the size of the main air pipe is not enough, and the size of the main air pipe should be appropriately increased.

In fact, most of them are caused by the improper layout or size of the pipelines. Generally, after selecting the right spray gun, the right air pipe should be selected with reference to its rated air consumption.

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