Weishida Cuprous Chloride Facing The International

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The main product of Wujiang Weishida Copper Technology Co., Ltd. is copper chloride, which is a high-temperature process developed by our factory. This process is advanced and is the only one in China that uses this process to produce chloride. Copper business. The product content is above 99%, and the quality reaches the most advanced level in the world. Our main products are: anhydrous copper chloride, copper chloride dihydrate, copper carbonate, high quality Cuprous Chloride, cuprous chloride catalyst, cuprous chloride factory direct sales, cuprous chloride which is good, dry Method of cuprous chloride and so on. Shanghai Rongjian Chemical Plant takes the high-tech industry as the leading factor, relies on technology and management innovation, promotes talent engineering, focuses on industrial and capital management, highlights fine chemicals as the core, accelerates the development of chemical industry, fosters core competitiveness, and forms basic chemicals. The three pillars of raw materials, fine chemicals and emerging materials will be built into a diversified, modern and international first-class chemical enterprise with strong strength and competitiveness.


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