Tongdatek X-Ray Orientation Analyzer Responds Quickly

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    The tongdatek X-ray Orientation Analyzer has improved the higher-order hardware specifications than ever before, in addition to the more ergonomic design; the larger output power and large-area detector increase the sensitivity of the instrument to each element, and Reduce the detection limit and test time. In addition, the waterproof and dustproof design is more suitable for rigorous testing in different environments and climates; it provides faster, more accurate and more stable test data for in-situ testing or environmental assessment.    It can be applied to various elements such as harmful element screening, alloy model identification, metal element composition analysis, precious metal analysis, analysis of soil/environmental heavy metal analysis, oil analysis, mineral analysis, PMI rapid model analysis and recyclate analysis. ? The shortest boot time, fast test speed and improved response speed. ?Change battery under power-on condition, no need to shut down, no need to re-initialize, no need to re-verify


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