China Benchtop Xrd Inspection Program

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(1) Open or burned coil: The high-sensitivity relay has a large number of turns, a small wire diameter, and a large internal resistance, generally above 1500 ohms. The working current is mostly in the range of a few milliamperes to tens of milliamps, so it is easy to open. Or burned. At this point, the relay can't work, remove it and measure it. If the DC resistance of the coil is infinite, it means open circuit. If the resistance is small, it is partial short circuit or burned.

(2) Contact failure: The contact gap of the high-sensitivity relay is very small, and the gap may change after long-term operation, causing the contact to be fired and then stuck together. When you look closely, you can find that the normally open contact does not close, the normally closed contact does not open, and so on. The corresponding control circuit should also be unobstructed and should be broken. The repair of high-sensitivity relays is difficult to ensure that the technical data meets the quality requirements, so in the event of such failures, new products need to be replaced to avoid further harm.

Time limit check program: China benchtop xrd transistor time limiter, the circuit structure is more complicated. When an abnormality occurs, the electrical parameters should be measured step by step according to the characteristics of each circuit and the working procedure, so as to quickly and accurately detect the fault. The inspection procedure is as follows:

(1) Remove the high voltage primary wiring and determine if similar faults occur at each limit.

(2) Determine if the AC input voltage of the power supply of the timer is normal.

(3) Determine if the rectified DC power supply voltage is normal.

(4) Determine the last control line, that is, what is the abnormality of the working state of the high-sensitivity relay, whether it can not work or can not be released.

(5) Measure whether the working voltage of each stage is normal.


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