What Color Is Basic Copper Carbonate?

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First, the nature Basic Copper Carbonate, also known as copper carbonate, is a malachite green color and is an amorphous powder of fine particles having a density of 3.85. Insoluble in cold water and alcohol, soluble in acid and forming the corresponding copper salt, dissolved in an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, ammonium salt and alkali metal carbonate to form a copper complex. When boiled in an alkali metal carbonate solution, brown copper oxide is formed and decomposed into black copper oxide at 200 °C. Unstable in hydrogen sulfide atmosphere. There are more than ten forms of compounds in the basic copper carbonate according to the ratio of CuO:CO2:H2O. In industrial production, its molecular formula is CuCO•C(OH)2•xH2O. The solubility in water is 0.0008% and the decomposition temperature is 200-220 °C. Low toxicity. Second, the molecular formula: CuCO•C(OH)2•xH2O Third, the use of instructions This product is used in the inorganic salt industry to prepare various copper compounds. It is used as an organic synthesis catalyst in the organic industry. It is used as a copper ion additive in the electroplated copper-tin alloy industry. It is also used in pyrotechnics, paints and insecticides. And antidote to phosphorus poison, seed fungicide and copper additive in feed, desulfurizer during crude oil storage, etc., in recent years, a large number of used in wood preservation and other fields. Fourth, product indicators and implementation standards: Five, packaging Plastic woven bag or ton bag, lined with thin mold bag, the content of each bag is 50kg-1000kg. Note that the seal is good. Sixth, storage and transportation matters needing attention It should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. The mouth of the bag must be tightly sealed to prevent moisture and agglomeration. Can not be stored and mixed with strong acid and alkali products. Tons of bags must be perpendicular to the tray, while the web is secure Quality Standard Uses: This product can be used as natural rubber, synthetic rubber (except butyl rubber) and latex vulcanization active agent. Also used as a plastic plasticizer and a stable raw material. It is used in medicine to prepare ointments, suppositories, and the like. In addition, it can also be used to make cosmetics, candles, water repellents, polishes, and the like. Packing, transportation and storage: This product is double-layered, with polyethylene plastic film bag inside and outer plastic bag, weighing 25kg. Transportation: Coverage should be provided during transportation to prevent rain and moisture from getting wet. Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from sources of ignition and oxidizing agents.


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