China Benchtop Xrd Storage Maintenance Methods

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First, storage:

 After the China benchtop xrd is used, the surface should be cleaned and then placed in a dry, ventilated room. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and stored in contact with rain and oil, or corrosive gases to avoid strong vibration and squeezing. Do not bend the pressure at the probe connection. Grab the root of the plug when pulling and plugging the cable.

 Second, the power supply method:

 1. When using the all-digital Chinese desktop xrd, the AC and DC power supply methods are generally used. When the DC battery voltage is too low, the Chinese desktop xrd will give an audible alarm reminder; the battery power is indicated in the lower left corner of the Chinese desktop xrd screen. When the battery charge value is less than 10, save the data as soon as possible to avoid data loss; or plug in the charging power to charge the battery, and shut down during charging. Otherwise, the Chinese desktop xrd will automatically shut down and cause the loss of detection data. Please use the charger supplied with the Chinese desktop xrd to charge the battery, and it can work normally when charging. Charging means that the battery enters the self-protection state due to insufficient power. Under the battery protection state, the instrument will not be able to be turned on. At this time, the battery should be charged. Plug the charger charging plug into the instrument's charging socket and plug the charger into the AC 220V/50Hz mains socket.

 2. Note: If the above plug-in sequence is reversed, it may cause the ultrasonic thickness gauge to not charge properly. After plugging in, please check the charging indication to ensure that the charger indicator turns red and enters the normal charging state; after the charger indicator turns green, the charging is completed when the battery is normal. When the Chinese desktop xrd is not used for a long time, please charge the battery once a month to extend the battery life.

 3. Powered by lithium battery We have pre-loaded large-capacity lithium-ion battery in Chinese desktop xrd. After it is fully charged, it can continuously supply the instrument for several hours. If it needs more time to work continuously, it can be equipped with a set of spare batteries. As the number of charge and discharge increases, it is normal for a lithium battery to provide continuous operation time.


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