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By Alexander M.
Victoria, TX


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 Length: 7:41 mins 

Date: Dec 5, 2017 

Video Review: 

- It'd be great if we can stop using such headlines, we have a lot of them now. I think it indicated for less trust for a viewer to check now more than a positive 1st impression.

- It'd be great not to mention asking for liking and subscribing for the channel in the beginning of the video, let your fans get the real value and they'll do automatically.

- Talking a little slower 'd be perfect for viewers.

- A lot of points are mentioned very quickly where in real life this takes real work and time to be executed. 

- More for a promo/trailer more than as a good organized educative video.

- Advertising products on actual related pages & groups was a very good point to mention.

- Including live links in the video for mentioned topics like having a website and promoting products 'd be great to do.

- "A professional Website with urgency", this was a great phrase to say, having a lot like these 'd be perfect.


> It's totally not for beginners, it can be considered as a good quick tip for people who already have a good experience with Shopify and the drop shipping field of work.



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