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By Alexander M.
Victoria, TX


After Completing TheUserTesting Platform Process, I wanted to search for more platforms to participate in and I've reached This Article

It mentioned many online platforms to start testing on and there's a great informational video at the end of the article that summarizes up everything in a great way ..

After going through the article and watching the video, I've chosen The TryMyUI Platform to start with ..


After signing up, You'll be asked to quickly complete a demographics questionnaire where after which, you'll be taken to complete your qualification test ..

Although it's not as beautiful and little fancy as The UserTesting Platform, yet it's still a very straightforward process ..

After completing your 1st session, and hopefully being accepted, you'll receive an email in less than 24 hrs like this one:

Now, you're ready to start your 1st Real One :D

You'll begin to receive test invites like this invitation email&:

  Happy Testing!









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