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By Aku Beg


We want to develop a new website called - it is a crowd company, every person that registers for free to this site becomes a profit-share owner of it, so if the business is making one million GBP a month, and has 100,000 registered users, they will each get a small calculated percentage share of this profit.  The idea behind this is, we all can spend a lot of time on the web and get nothing back, will change that, it will host a network of websites matching online services commonly used by everyone, but now profit made on any of these websites is shared with the community that uses them.  The idea is so game changing, that there is a chance a large majority of people will eventually only use sites within the MeWeBe umbrella because it benefits them, and so, a potential to have a massive effect on how people use the web in general.


The billion dollar companies get richer, and the users are just their fuel. MeWeBe wants to change this, it allows anyone that registers for free to share in the profits of the network of sites within its system.  For example, now instead of using an online file backup service from another provider like - our members would want to use one from within the MeWeBe group, possibly called Since they are a profit shareholder in MeWeBe, it pays to use services within its framework.  We may be so bold as to challenge the likes of Google, if our user-base grows substantially, they will want to use the search engines within the MeWeBe network of sites, rather than use Google for free, they would get paid to use our competing search engine.  We hope that its initial growth will be viral - users might send emails saying "Get free shares in the next billion dollar company now!"


Having run a full service Web Development Company for over 6 years, we have extensive experience in a wide range of web based projects, from design, development, promotion and strategy. We have already looked at some basic designs for and put one up as a holding page on its domain: From this vantage point we aim to find Open Source projects, or Businesses needing exposure that have great products and are open minded with their profits and products. Also, having been in the industry for so long, we have a list of our own sites, even some mobile Apps, that can possibly be put under the system, some are not ready but can later be considered, a few examples websites are below: (will be - and many more...

MONETISATION STRATEGY allows its users to collaborate and make the products within it better. When a user joins, they take a tiny percentage of the profit, as they contribute more within the network of sites, they can start owning more. Contributing can include anything from writing a comment on a forum, to doing development work, to even just being a heavy user. aims to have a network of profitable websites and products that gain revenue from subscriptions, advertising and other methods. These will be helped by its growing community. New websites will also be considered for the network, with ongoing improvements on existing ones.  It will try and gain a larger audience via a viral-loop, and as more people join, its revenue generating products can be improved and grow in profit. Potentially even taking over the web whereby people will choose to use products within the MeWeBe network over others because it benefits them and the community.  There will be a host of features for a MeWeBe member, from social networking like LinkedIn to playing the stock market on the network of sites to increase the users own profit-share, and tools to help contribute on MeWeBe and grow its products and network. The tools will be designed to keep MeWeBe members entertained and coming back. We intend to use the "MeWe" name as a brand for other potential products, MeWeBe - being the home of the venture, we already have other domains and ideas like and as shown previously. Our current aim is to give the community of registered users around 70% of the profit made from MeWeBe, the rest will go to its owners. The venture is such that it has the potential to scale massively and the profit to its owners will be very lucrative still.


Initial scoping on the website has already begun. We have a strong team of developers who have been building websites for over a decade for international brands and clients, and also working on high-availability websites, so understand what it costs to create and maintain one. Funds will help us focus on this product alone and help us bring it to market and generate growth using all avenues available to us, and the best methodologies we have learnt over the years for getting exposure, growing traffic and monetisation. The investment asked for here will fund the MeWeBe team and project for a year and over, at which point we hope to be far into a launch and promoting a suite of products already generating profit for the crowd.

TARGET MARKET is targeting regular web-users, anyone that is interested in making money, investments or can see a good deal when they get the opportunity. We hope that the concept of getting free shares in the next company that might Facebook out of control - will generate massive interest.  The websites that will be under the MeWeBe umbrella will be from all aspects of online content: eCommerce, services, entertainment, saas, information - and any others willing to be part of the movement.  Eventually we would want to compete with all the major players online, as well as develop unique products from within the MeWeBe community - since contributing increases a users share ratio. So our target market also covers professionals, enthusiasts and all users that can work at any level on the products within and the website itself, helping it to improve and grow.


We believe is a fairly unique product, and if launched correctly will be seen as first to market with this concept. There are similar aspects out there in the real world and on web - an example being how can share its ad-revenue with its video uploaders, but these concepts have not fully encompassed the philosophy, and what it will offer as a well-rounded all encompassing solution to democratise and crowd own a successful web venture.  There is an opportunity here, and it could snowball into something big.


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