Solo guitar lacks rhythm

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By Tom Lakey
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Solo guitar lacks rhythm?

Many musicians are talented enough to sing while playing the guitar, and perform to audiences of every size. Solo musicians are limited in the sounds they can produce at one time, so some artists have incorporated additional instruments into their acts to add greater depth. These have included various foot drums, cymbals and harmonicas, as well as the technically more advanced effect pedals for sound modification. One such example is the ‘looping’ or sampler pedal which allows the user to record and replay musical sequences on a loop. This allows several layers of sounds made by one musician to be played on top of one another to add complexity and depth to their performance. When used well, these gadgets can enhance the artist’s performance.


Sound's expensive


However all of these options involve a substantial financial outlay, and many substantially reduce the portability and spontaneity of the singer guitarist act, particularly those which require a power supply. I think there is a gap in the market for a cheap, simple, portable method to add some rhythm to the singer guitarist set up.


Shake, rattle or roll


What I propose is so simple it must have been done already, but I have never come across it. This guy gets pretty close to the idea;

Baed on this idea, I propose to attach one of those maraca shakers to a sweat band, which you can wear around your strumming wrist. It could be orientated whichever way you choose, so you can adjust your sound, but it doesn’t take up room in your hand and make it awkward to strum the strings. Plus you can still use it as a sweat band if needs be!

Simple and cheap enough that buskers everywhere can use one. If you're feeling creative you could use one that sounds different depending on how you shake it, or try attaching it to other body parts like your knee, for some foot tapping rhythm. Try it for yourself!


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